I am a PhD researcher at COSIC, KU Leuven under the supervision of Nigel Smart and Svetla Nikova. My research interests revolve around the applications and practical aspects of multiparty computation.

From March to August 2023, I did a research internship at Nokia Bell Labs in Antwerp, where I worked on delegating the computation of zero-knowledge proofs.

From July 2020 to May 2023, I was involved in the SNIPPET project, where I worked on the design of privacy-preserving market mechanisms for the p2p electricity market using multiparty computation.

Previously, I was a research assistant at Instituto de Telecomunicações, working on quantum primitives for MPC protocols. Before that, I received my MSc in Applied Mathematics and my BSc in Physics from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal.


  • I will be attending ASIACRYPT 2023 in Guangzhou and presenting our work.
  • I won an “Outstanding Student Research Award” for the work done during my internship at Bell Labs.
  • Our paper “MPC With Delayed Parties Over Star-Like Networks” has been accepted at ASIACRYPT 2023.
  • Our paper “Correlated-Output-Differential-Privacy and Applications to Dark Pools” has been accepted at AFT 2023.
  • I will be presenting a preliminary version of the work “Correlated-Output-Differential-Privacy and Applications to Dark Pools” at the DeFi workshop affiliated with FC 2023.